Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Missing Piece and Visual Novel

This moment, i wanna share some web.. Have u ever heard or even read The Missing Piece? I've just! I know this good story from my friend, Angely. Thanks for sharing me this good thing :D
So the first, I really dont have any idea what is the missing piece. I think this a kinda love story or what, and i just feel interest to check it because Angel said it written in english, and i wanna to improve my skill. Hahaha.. So i open google and type 'Missing Piece' (Angel said it as Missing Piece, without 'the'. Lol). And i got some links according the keywords about missing piece, and let we see what Wikipedia says about The Missing Piece..

"The Missing Piece is a children’s picture book by poet Shel Silverstein. The story centers on a circular animal-like creature that is missing a wedge-shaped piece of itself. It doesn’t like this, and sets out to find its missing piece.
The Theme/Morals:
This very simple story deals with the concept of true happiness, fulfillment, non-monogamy and love. As Anne Roiphe explained in The New York Times Book Review: "This fable can also be interpreted to mean that no one should try to find all the answers, no one should hope to fill all the holes in themselves, achieve total transcendental harmony or psychic order because a person without a search, loose ends, internal conflicts and external goals becomes too smooth to enjoy or know what's going on. Too much satisfaction blocks exchange with the outside."
And i just realize that The Missing Piece isn't written in a comic or in paragraphs, but in video! It's a comic video. And the pictures are really really simple. Seriously.  Even spongebob---the cartoon that i really think it's too easy to draw it, only like a wavy-cube (compare it with others like barbie?)--, if we compare these, spongebob become a cartoon that really hard to draw! Lol. But i like it because, both its simple pictures and story. Not talking too much, just read or watch (?) it by urself, enjoy! :D

Here are two stories about The Missing Piece:
one, u can check on this link the missing piece
i tried to upload the video here, but it doesn't work, dont know why.. :(
(fyi, this video a bit hard to understand. If u cant get the mean, u can read the moral above--the highlighted one :)

Second, u just simply watch here :D

And share the other one.. Have u ever heard about visual novel?? My friend had recommended me to read this long time ago and i haven't check it until now, even when i share this with u, lol! So visual novel who also known as sound novel is a kind of a game that can be played by PC or psp. I can call this as a paket hemat, coz it provides a storyline, pictures, and also sound effect in a same time! The interesting thing doesn't end there, reader are allowed to choose their favorite storyline, and how to have the ending. a sad ending or a happy ending. Sounds interesting right? Hahaha.. And the famous and my friend recommend for me to read is: House of Leaves. Just check it by urself, and sorry i haven't check it so i dont have any link to share. Haha :D


dankoo said...

ini link yang bisa lgs baca tanpa donlot (cuma beberapa):

ini musti download:

filenya kalo ada beberapa part, musti di joint pake hjsplit http://hjsplit.en.softonic.com/download

Aurelia Reina said...

yey yey yey uda dicariin. hahaha
makassiii.. i check it soon. haha