Saturday, 17 September 2011

speak up!

good nite dear.. how about your day today? for me, today is like the other days.. nothing special happen, but also nothing bad happen, aleluya.. for today's topic, i want to talk about love? i don't know the best theme for this.. because i take some important topics and talk it all together (the main points are in the blue font). hahahah i think i am bad in opening, as usual :p.. so go on..

i'm sure many of us sometimes feel so lonely and depress.. and maybe feel so sad and going sadder bcause thinking no one care for you.. but believe me, wherever u are, whenever it is, whoever u are, at least there is 1 person is thinking about you. don't be so sad coz think no one understand u, no one need u or no one care about u. just know, everyone of us are special! me, he, she, they, YOU. we are all special!

don't care how much you freak, how much you mad, how damn you are.. maybe you are the moody one, the temperament one, the lemot one, just believe all of your weakness is the attractive things from you! maybe now u still don't know, there is someone looking for you. thinking about you from the twilight until dawn, or reversely.. wanna to be closer with you. maybe there is someone who really want be your partner.. we never know bout that, right? maybe now they are very confuse in thinking how the way to make both of you become closer, and if they are luck, can be their girl/boy-friend :)

just try. u'll never know if u never try. that's all.. so if you like or interest or even love someone now, don't keep it for yourself. just share with he/she.. tell them about your feeling. because it is useless if u like someone deeply from the bottom of your heart, love her/him sincerely, but u just keep it for yourself, no one knows, and u'll get nothing.

i'm not tell you to make a decision recklessly.. i just force you to share your feeling. and this only available for the great huge love feeling, not for someone who only want to play with love. believe me, play with love is not fun as you think. u'll never know how much hurt you'll get if u fall too deeply.. but also don't be afraid to falling in love. just enjoy each feels. feeling of loving, feeling of missing, feeling of jealous feeling of broken heart, many more, just enjoy it.. so, just speak up your feeling now for someone u're admiring now, and face all the risk. before he/she be taken by the other!! wish all the best-est come to us :)


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