Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I never like Goodbye -- Breaking Dawn

One thing I don't like the most is to say goodbye, whatever the kind of goodbye. 

I know sure that life is always about Hello and Goodbye, and the worst thing to happen in life is about Goodbye. It should be called as Bad-bye actually, i think.. Bad-bye is commonly be a melancholic and full of tears, and the best place to watch this melancholic event nowhere but airport! (remember adegan Cinta dan Rangga on AADC) Lol.

And talking about goodbye, me and other friends must sadly say goodbye to Twilight Saga, since it's come to the last part as the epic final. Honestly I'm not a big fans of Twilight Saga, but i follow the development of this story. For me, Twilight stories was began on around 2007 (i don't know when was Twilight officially published), it was my friend who recommended me to read the novel--that she said it's a really fantastic and can't stand for it. And I had a big expectation at the moment, and was thought it would be as gorgeous as Harry Potter, and badly to say, it wasn't. Too much drama for me.. But good news is, I still like it however I still prefer for Harry Potter. 

So I continuing to read the next part and also watching all the movie series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. And in my opinion, the best part of Twilight Saga is Breaking Dawn. I like it the most from all the books, don't know why. Maybe because they get a adorable baby and there is a duel part on this movie? Haha.. And I proudly recommending for all people who watching or reading the previous movies or novels to not past this epic final! Everything and everyone are changing! See these photo progress (since I copy from Google, some of official posters are can't be copied. so I change it) :

I don't know how is your opinion from these poster, but for me, it is changing, and everyone on the movie are more beautiful, especially Bella Cullen (Kristen Steward) on this epic final: Breaking Dawn part 2, since she already become a vampire, her make up is so amazing. Her face is flawless, her eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips. Love it so much, and one more good news, she dressed very well on this movie (on previous, she too casual for me). And no doubt, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), still adorable as always on this movie <3>

I won't talk about the movie, coz I don't to be a spoiler, but if I can describe this movie with one words, it would be: errgghh. Hehehee... Believe me, this movie is the best from all Twilight Saga movies, and also so-errrghh. Watch it by yourself and u can find how errgh it is :D
Previosly, I never think this is a really good movie. I think it's too dramatic, bella too labil, and a bit non-sense. But this non-sense just remind me and force me to believe that eternal love does exist. Oh my God, I know I kind of a hard-hearted and a bit hard to be touched, but their struggle in defending their love is just amazingly touching me. And I can't describe with word, but love, is always and will always sacred. :)

So before I close this post, I will share the trailer of the epic final, and some of my fav ost of Twilight Saga Ost. from Youtube:
Trailer of Breaking Dawn part 2

 Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine

Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby

A Thousand Years - Christina Perry

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