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10 Stupid-Silly Things U've Ever Done!

I warn you, this will be a bit gaje post, and maybe there're a lot of grammatical errors, who care. Lol
On this post, I wanna remind you about the 10 stupid-silly-things that u've ever done in this life according to my experiences (mostly happened when i was on elementary school). I'm so optimist that u also have some of my experiences! #DamnIt'sTrue. Lol. Check it out:

1. The silly things that ever happened in friendster
(1) "Leave me a testi please."
What will you think when I say "testi"? Absolutely Friendster! The previous social media that had ever very-very booming in Indonesia (before Facebook), and the stupid is, people like to asking their friends to leaving them testimonial, even there is nothing important to write, just to make its amount more and more. It seemed like we were competing to collect the most testimonial on our profile, were you?

(2) "Thanks for add me, mind intro?" / "salam kenal yach"
These asking habitual are still exist even in Facebook now. And for me, honestly I think this question is a bit alay? (sorry if u r one of the people who still do this :p) And the bad thing is, I EVER often did this before! Hahaha!!

(3) Post Bulbo
Bulbo is the acronym of Buletin Board, that located in the right bottom of your friendster home. Still remember? Usually the contain of Bulbo is questions and answers. I asked my brother if he remember about bulbo, and he answered me, "Of course, when you asking yourself question then you answering yourself, right?" HAHAH!! Such a desperate action huh? And the second bad thing is, I ALSO EVER very often did this before! Hahaha!!

4. Collecting F4 Stuffs
I'm sure everybody know who is F4, and i'm sure that almost everyone have ever so amazed by this four-cool-guys, did you or do you (maybe :p)? They were so booming when i was on the last years of my elementary school (the year that people are going to be a bit coquettish), and everybody are also collecting all about F4 stuffs. Start from notebook (i still have this -_-), pen, pencil, pencil case, fan (i also have this), etc., etc. And I ever so addicted with the movie, and watch it nonstop about 5-6 times! I don't know why I was so admiring and ever though that they were so handsome, however now I just think the naturally handsome just Vic Chou, the other is quite handsome :p

5. No cheating during the test
As the good elementary students, we always had been reminded by teachers to not cheating during the exam. And the silly thing is, students tend to act----"don't worry, I know the answers for these questions!", and even if they don't know, they are pretending like they can do the exam greatly---when the teacher is walking around the room. 
So how were they doing to act 'I can do this question'? Yap! Surrounding your paper test with your arms OR covering your upper paper test and open a small gap below to keep writing (or act writing?) OR build a high tower (mostly made by your pencil case) for preventing your friend to cheating your answers.  HAHAHA
If u think it now, is it so lebai badai? LOL!! And the other lebai-badai tips for teacher, teacher could considering this trick for your students:

6. Act like superman, superwoman, etc.
When we were a child, one of our favorite movie certainly is about superhero. And as the nosey-child, usually children like to playing their favorite superhero character, whatever it is. For me, the most character I like to play when I were a child was Kera Sakti. And stupid me, one of my favorite scene on Kera Sakti movie is, when Sungokong get a punishment to be trapped in the rock or mountain (i dont know), and only his face is free and be seen. And I did this with my brother, he trapped me exactly like Sungokong got, but by... a mountain of pillow!

7. Chatting with friend who sit EXACTLY BESIDE you
This happened to me when i was in the first year on my junior high school (when Friendster still booming). At the moment, internet wasn't so popular like now. So internet for me, as a norak children, was a greaattt stuff. Me and my friends went to internet cafe together and what we did there were only log in to Friendster, sending each other testi, and... jreng jreng jreng.. chat each other. -__-

8. Type words by:
- mixing both alphabet and number, and symbol sometimes
- mixing 'huruf kecil' (apa sih inggrisnya?) and capital letter.
- use particle 'ch' at the end of the letter.
h4llo, n4m4ku R3in4. s4L4m ken4l yach.. aDuH kaMoe baEk baNgetTh siCh? MaKasIH yAcH :)
The miserable thing is, I think it was cool to typing with that style. I ever planned to make an email with: k1ndn35s_****, and i was thought, this email was so damn cool. 

9. Split your bangs in the centre + draping the drink bottle on your neck = perfect combo match!
Yah I don't know why almost every elementary girls (and I was one of them if i'm not wrong remember. -__-) or nerd student have this biksu style. I'm not disfiguring biksu, of course, but one of my high school friend who still used that style when she was high school, OMG, (without the drink bottle, luckily), was looks very similar to biksu.. haha..

The other fantastic style: rambut mangkok style.
The style for boy: they leave a small tail exactly at the centre bottom of their hair. For what ya? :s

10. Write my "diary" pliss.. [plis2 part ini gw nambahin di hari setelah kelar ujian HSK (awalnya cuma ada 9 deret), jadi biarkan gw nulis pk indonesia aja yah---sapa yang maksa lu sih ren?]
Anak SD punya hobi yaitu minta orang nulisin diari dia. Dan apa yang mereka sebut dengan menulis diari adalah menulis biodata mereka dan sedikit kata2 lainnya (seperti pantun, humor, dll). Ciri khas dan susunan anak SD dalam menulis diari adalah:

1. Pantun pembuka
Jongkok dulu baru ??? (lupa gw)
senyum dulu baru dibaca

2. isi biodata mereka [nama, alamat, umur, hobi, cita-cita, warna-makanan-buku-lagu-artis fav, TEMEN BAIK, TEMEN JAHAT (gaje abis sumpah part ini), dll, dll]

3. Gw ga tau ini namanya apa, pokonya buat kalimat dari huruf2 nama orang yang punya buku diary. misal:
R : reina namanya
E : elang peliharaannya
I : ikan lauknya
N : nasi makanannya
A : ah, uda dulu yah.. --> the best part of all. Lol! :))

4: part ini bisa ada bisa ga, humor atau pantun penutup. yang ngetrend sih pantun:
burung elang burung cendrawasih
cukup sekian terima kasih

kalo ada sumur di ladang
boleh kita menumpang mandi
kalo ada umurku panjang
boleh kita berjumpa lagi

5: tambahan lain: buat lipatan di sudut kertas dan ditulis note. Notenya mulai dari yang gaje sampe ke super gaje. yang paling cool adalah:
lipatan depan: jangan dibuka
lipatan dalam: udah dibilangin jangan dibuka masih dibuka! -->; what the abis.. :))

sekian deretan stupid-silly edisi kali ini. kapan2 kalo keinget lagi, akan diupdate. see youuu :D

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