Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tricia Fashion Blog

I can never resist with internet attraction. Whenever I plan and promise to study while listening music on my PC, my finger can't stop to click the mozilla, then connect to some favorite links of mine, there are facebook, blogger, yahoomail, and sometime twitter and youtube. :D

So, like now happen, I'm planning to just listening music and.. my fingers work by itself and connect to facebook and blogger. And I find one of the blog that I follow is updating new post, it is fashion blog from Tricia, a 23-year-old photographer/blogger living in Manila, Philippines. She's updating a new post about fashion (as usual) and I think, i'll study after read the post. And stupid me, after reading that post, I'm starting to exploring her blog more, since her blog is more various and attractive than Elle n Jess (ups), and I so interested to read about her traveling experiences around the world.

She has traveling to many places from asia to europe to america. Huh, such a super rich person, Lol! And I was fascinated by her lovely Paris trip, damn. And it become double damn when I see that she had gone to London to visiting The Making of Harry Potter!! Oh no.. But I really thank her for sharing many great-adorable pictures. If you are one of Harry Potter's fans, i bet you also dreaming to go there oneday, and here i am, the other kind person will share Tricia's link, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, to enrich your knowledge before go there by yourself :D.

And I don't think to advertising her blog anyway, but if you are free, u can exploring her other trips to the other cities, and i recommend Paris (hehehe, i love Paris, so u need to see it too). There are a lot of lovely pictures of her. I do really love to see it, OMG. She is a good photographer, and she pay a lot attention for the detail of the Paris building's architecture, and it is awesome! I love that she isn't only updating about fashion only, but also make up, photography, etc., etc.. And you can also exploring her fashion posts since she is expert in this way. :)


dankoo said...

aaa thx for the link ! that's included to mya 'places to go before i die'.. nyahahah !

Aurelia Reina said...

mya?? to 'me' u mean? lol

dankoo said...

iyee 'me'.. don't be a janda yeaaa wkwk