Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's a Christmas!

it never be too late to do or say something right, however i know i'm a little late. but i wanna to say Happy Birthday to the best one on my life ever-- Jesus Christ. Well, i still not believe that Christmas has passed a couple day ago, even i still haven't enjoying this atmosphere. Just for information, Christmas is the most celebration i like in the whole year. I'm not saying that i get a lot of presents on this moment, cause in fact i never get christmas present since i was a child, but i very like the red-white-gold decoration during this period. I like the christmas tree, mistletoe, snowflakes, christmas socks, Christmas chocolates and candies (with the red-white strips), the lights, the ornaments, the candles, Santa Clause and gifts (of course), etc. I like all the accessories about Christmas. Ohya, and the most important is, it always a holiday during this period! :D I just hope one day i can pass my christmas in somewhere snowing, in a warm woody hut with a flaming fireplace. Amen.. 

So here are some of the best things about Christmas that i found from google that make me more love Christmas
1. Christmas Tree
      Let me introduce the history of Christmas Tree first.
     So, the Christmas tree has gone through a long process of development rich in many legends. Some historians trace the lighted Christmas tree to Martin Luther. He attached lighted candles to a small evergreen tree, trying to simulate the reflections of the starlit heaven -- the heaven that looked down over Bethlehem on the first Christmas Eve.
      Some people trace the origin of the Christmas tree to an earlier period. Even before the Christian era, trees and boughs (cabang) were used for ceremonials. Egyptians, in celebrating the winter solstice (titik balik matahari) -- the shortest day of the year -- brought green date palms into their homes as a symbol of "life triumphant over death". 
       Trees and branches can be made purposeful as well as symbolic. The Christmas tree is a symbol of a living Christmas spirit and brings into our lives a pleasant aroma of the forest. The fact that balsam fir (cemara) twigs (ranting), more than any other evergreen twigs, resemble (menyerupai) crosses may have had much to do with the early popularity of balsam fir used as Christmas trees. *
* Kenyataan bahwa ranting balsam cemara (actually gw ga ngerti apa itu balsam, maybe sejenis pohon) "lebih" dibandingkan ranting-ranting cemara yang lain, yang menyerupai bentuk Salib sehingga memiliki kaitan dengan popularitas awal balsam cemara digunakan sebagai pohon Natal. *

2. Mistletoe
       Mistletoe is the common name for obligate hemi-parasitic plants. In Western culture, mistletoe leaves that remain green in winter is used as Christmas decorations. The series of  mistletoe leaves hung in the front door and the person standing under the mistletoe must kiss the man she likes.

3. Snowflakes
4. Ornament Christmas, candles, and christmas socks

5. Christmas Chocolate and Candies

6. Santa with his lovely deer and train, and also Gifts! 
     emm, maybe it sounds stupid and childish, but i ever dreamed about Santa with his deer train flying over my home. I was about 14-15 when i dreamed it (jadi gw uda cukup besar untuk bermimpi tentang santa actually, Lol). I forget about the dream detail, but i just remember i was very very happy at the moment, and i can't forget that dream until now :D

we never can resist for gifts right? even when we are adult. and moreover, it's christmas!

and for the last, here are some of the best christmas decoration i can take (on Google, of course)

and finally it's time to me to greet u: Wishing You a Merry Christmas and may God always bless us in every steps we take for the next year. :D

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