Friday, 10 May 2013

May Recently Update

Oh men men men.. It's so long long time i've never written something again here. Don't know what happen, but nowadays I feel I lose my self control. Finally I come to the condition when I feel 24 hours is not enough to do my works. God, what happen to me?! 

I had decided to post several topics actually, but never really do it until now. Hahaa.. So maybe i'll write some posts directly, now. Hmm.. So this is my first post, I wanna tell some of my recently updates.
1. I've already passed my mid exam for this term, and it was bad. This is the worst test i have ever passed since study in my university. I was too lazy for this term, and spent a lot of time to play hard. Hmm.. and when it was coming to the exam weeks, I repeated this words almost everyday, "I know this is my fault, i will never do this again. Never. Ever. Do. This. Again. Anymore." Huff..
I struggling to read all of my modules, and even did NOT sleep all night to study. It was my first experience (not sleeping over the day to study) and I was too panic, so however I spent all night to study, nothing could be remembered by me. Lol.. and for the first time on my life, i got 77 as my score. Dont know how  to react, sad (coz this is my worst score ever) but grateful (coz I though I could only got around 50, lol).
2. Other bad news, my lovely old handphone was lost. Badly to say, it happened during the exam weeks and it make my  pressure increase to be double. Hiks.. I dont know how it can be lost, so.. rest in peace my sony ericsson, wish u'll get a better boss, or we can meet again oneday, I wish. In addition, this also my first experience lose handphone loh..

That's all my recent update for now. I wish I can get a good score my other subjects, can make my life better and be a better person. I'm going to write 2 random topics (something like motivation stuff) and 2 topics about my fun-trip soon. Wait yaa.. :D

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