Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trip #2: Don't Walk, Keep Run! Running Man!

Hy, it's been a long time since the last post I said I wanna post a several posts, but in fact, I just posted 1 post. Lol! Ok, to fulfill my promise, I wanna post the next trip now. It was another fun trip with my best friends. How I love every moment I spend with my bestie.. It was Running Man!!

Dicky found an event organizer that organize a Running Man games. We had already booked it for 16th March, but it had been cancelled by the EO exactly one day before, after we fully paid it! What the.. So we postponed it until we passed the mid test and tried to found the other schedule. Finally we got the schedule on 9 May 2013 (postpone for 2 months, graow)

We had a trouble at the time of departure. We planned we met at 8am and there were be 3 cars. 9 May was Ascension day of Jesus Christ, btw.. So I went to the church on 6am and got home on 7.30, did some preparation and met up on 8. But stupid Dicky, he was overslept and just woke up when Indra came to his home. It was almost 8. And the worse thing happened when he realized that his car was been driven by his Dad! Since then, we change our plan and crammed on only two small cars for 12 people. Hmm..

As mentioned, our members was 12 people, 4 women and 8 men. So we was divided as 4 teams, each team had 1 woman and 2 men. And it was start:

1. We met the EO and they split us by gender. Women followed A, and men followed B. Me and other 4 friends, they were Jejeng, Vira and Dana, walked to the beach (we played in Ancol) and stopped on a spot. Then we should play "Scissor, Paper and Rock game" and the loser would be left there. I got the bad feeling, and yea, I was the first loser. So I was stopped on the first stop and they continued walk along the beach. Since we were 4 person, it had 4 stops. And what we should to do, we just need to play a "hide and seek" from the men. It was awkward. A girl with a tiny backpack, looks confused and looking around with cautious attitude. So I decided to hide in female toilet! Hahaha!!
I though the game was started. Because in the real Running Man, there was a game that the member should hide for about 30 min and if they didn't get caught, they will get the running ball. So I stay in toilet, chatting with my other 3 friends (asking each conditions) for more than 1 HOURS! Luckily the toilet was clean. Finally, I gave up and show myself to the public. And the men who found me were also too exhausted to be happy. We just greet each other and walked slowly to the EO (no chasing scenes).
And to be disappointed, the game hadn't started yet. It was the way how they divided us to 4 groups. The men who found the girl will be one group. Damn! We were tired even before the game starts.

2.  We get our early-lunch -- this part is not important to be described. Lol!

3. First game, finally. Every girls need to demonstrate without a sound, and the men had to guess. Sounds easy? Ok, we must demonstrate and guess about indonesian proverb!! And my team was the loser (again). Hahahaaa

4. Second game, The man should carry a woman on the shoulder, walked up to the the prescribed point, then move her to a second man. The woman can't step on the ground during the transfer process. Then the second man walked back to the other prescribed point. They looking for the team who can finished it less than 20 seconds! (if im not wrong) Hell. But finally, my team was the fastest team! We finished it just about 17 second. B)

But we had played it for three times to be the winner. Hahaha.. We had fallen in the second chance. It felt a little itchy when I fell on the grass, and my legs were cramping. Ckck..

5. Third game. This is the most 'gaje' game. I dont know how to describe this game, but believe me, this game wasn't fun at all but my team win this game.

6. And we came to the last game. (See, we waited for 2 months and just playing this very very short game. huh. However they promised us to give us more games for the previous cancellation. the EO is not professional enough, seriously). It was the time when we need to pull off another participant nametag. And stupid my leg, it cramping very hard when we want to start the last session. So my team waited for about 5 minutes then we start the game. This part was so silly yet exhausting. Everybody looks so brutal and there were some mission to attack one team first, and some betrayers were appear during this section.

We play hard. We got our white t-shirt so dirty by the dirt. We chasing. We laughing. And everybody enjoy the games.
Btw, like on the real Running Man, there would be the last part when we should take a draw by our running ball. And again, my team was the loser! What happen to my luck that day! Although we got 3 running ball. Damn. Kevin should wore hot pant, me a frizzy colourful wig, Fery wore bridal headbands. We should found 5 people to take a photo with us, and that's it..

I should have more quality times with my lovely best friends.. Hahaha.. Some of our photos:

After the last game. Exhausted faces are all around

Me and Jejeng - before the game
Me and Jejeng - after the game

My Running Man Outfit

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