Sunday, 2 September 2012

Share Love

I'm swear i'm not getting jealous for anything..
Well, maybe.. Yeah, a bit..

"I love the people who ignore me, I ignore the people who love me. It's life"
Friend, it's not just a simple word itself. It has an numerous meaning for each person, and for me.. It is everything. I'm a very-welcome person that really care for every little thing u done for me. The good one and the bad one.
Do something that really touched me, and I will really loving u like my brother-sister.
Do something that really hurt me, and I will so hard to forgive and believe you like the old.

It is so pathetic to know that how many people are wasting a big love that shared by the sincere people around us. How many people that keep hurting the sincere people's heart, by the small thing or even the big thing, the unconscious or even the conscious one.

Sharing Love
I do really love one part of Indonesian song from Tangga--Terbaik Untukmu
"Maafkanlah bila ku selalu membuatmu marah dan benci padaku. Kulakukan itu semua, hanya untuk buatmu bahagia.
Mungkin ku cuma tak bisa pahami bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku. Aku cuma ingin jadi, yang terbaik untukmu"
I, when I counted u as my best one, i will give u the best. I try to put myself in your shoes and considering the best for u. However sometime I get myself egoist, I get myself can't express or explain the reason why I really force u to do something or not to do something. And people think I'm too strict, however I don't think so.

Sometime I'm wondering my self, why I should be so nosy with other's problem. Why I must really care of them, although they even don't really care for mine. I forgive easily for a small things and wish someday they will care me like i do. And what I get, I find they are giving me a small part and give the other friends a big part. I'm swear i'm not getting jealous for anything or anyone. Well, maybe.. Yeah, a bit.. A kind of jealous-disappoint-sick-mad?

Sometime we don't realize we have already hurt other's heart. We give our love for the one who ignore us, and we ignore the one who really love us. Stupid and so ironic.. 
So from now go on, lets share our love for everyone around us without exception. Loving sharing :)

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