Friday, 7 September 2012

My grandma always proudly says that she really likes Chinese story,idiom, and even song. "It really contains a good message that u will never find in Indonesian book/story/song," she said.
Well, she is a fanatic lover of Chinese and I have complaining to her many times coz this. However sometime I get myself agree with her idea. "Look, Indonesian people like to teach the children with their stupid words, such as 'Ini ibu', 'Ini ubi', and 'Ini ibu Susi"--for God's sake, who cares about that," once she ever complained.
I usually have a different point of view for many aspects in this world with her, but for this time, i'm surprising find that i have a same point of view eventually. Lol.

I have read some short passage in Chinese from my student books, and I really really like it. So let me share some of the moral-message or quotes that i found from 新HSK 5--however I suggest you to read it by yourself if u have the book and allow to read Chinese, it tastes different, certainly.

-Opportunities in life will not come a lot of times, take every opportunity as the last chance, then you will not always wait for the next opportunity.-

-In fact, mostly of us ever experienced this, because the lack of understanding of their own abilities, we make a lot of bad-decisions. Whereas, we shouldn't need to passed a lot of unnecessary suffering.-

-If you eat an egg and feel it is good, Is it important for you to recognize the hen that lays the egg?-

 -Someone ever held a research, why when the opportunity comes, we can not grasp it. The answer is: because opportunity is always change be a 'trouble' form.-

“很多人在该做自己的事情的时候,却超过了自己 应该负责的职责。本来自己只要做一些小事情就好了,却偏偏想到许多离自己职责很远的事情。“

(I don't know my translation for the qoutes are right or not, actually. I feel like have a tornado in my brain now, translate sentences from Chinese to English is a damn shit, seriously. I haven't reach the level, Lol..
and I give up to translate the last quote. I have tried to arrange the sentence, but i still can't get the pattern of sentence as I wish. So maybe next time.. Hahah.)

Thing i get from Chinese is, it is so damn cool to write something in Chinese--with their carving words, waw. But I don't like every Chinese written (novel, story, passage, whatever), it has a lot of wasting words or wasting descriptions i think. They spend almost a paragraph to describe just a character / a thing / a location / a short event.
After all, I still think English is more more more more-cooler than Chinese. Hahaha..

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