Monday, 18 July 2011

good girl get a good luck. hahaha and that's me! :)
I'm kinda lucky nowadays. maybe this because i'm in holiday now. no things to be worried, and i'm free! yey (^o^)/ feeling so lightly, and wanna fly #exaggerate Lol
this begin from maybe last week yah, when my aunt told me there's a fashion shop near her office. so my mom asked me to accompanied her to there. luckily i came there, the shop sells many stuffs for woman and man, but more focus on woman. the age range for the products from 17-50 lah.. there are many good model for me [teenager] and also my mom. and i bought 2 pieces of dress and a wallet. ohya, i become more love it because it is so cheap! hahahaha. :D You know, shopping many things with low price is really make you damn happy. hahah
then my mom think she want to sell it, so she bought a lot of clothes, don't know the total pieces, and spend more than a million :o ---well, it including my stuffs and herself sih. hahahaha

then the next is my exam score have already published, finally. and i got the perfect score. GIP 4! waw PLOK PLOK PLOK :D ok, honestly nothing so special sih. coz many of my friends also get that perfect score, but it sounds amazing for the other friends from the other faculties kan.. :p and it also not the easy matter to get this score. so, congratz me :D
one more, i accepted to be tutor in bnec toefl class.. yah after the struggle-ly steps that i've written before, i pass it! hehehe.. however honestly, i'm not really optimist again since i had a terrible toefl test. bzz. but i can pass it! i become tutor for toefl class, for bnec, for the international organization. HAHAHA, lebai but i must happy to publish it. Although my friends are wondering they passing me because the person who applied only a few, so they pass all :( menjatuhkan saja, grr. but no problem. people will think i'm so cool! damn you, reina hahahahhaa. oke, so i must give the second congratulation. congratz me :DD

then i become humas division in my faculty event, i must to search donation more than 100million, and i know it must really difficult, but seriously i fell so excited. i really wait for the moment when i come to the company and promote our event, then get the deal. great. u know, i really dream become a success business woman, so i need to learn from this little thing. unfortunately the proposal can't be spread out yet, because our contract with PV haven't get a deal. wish all pass smoothly, amen :)

what else ya?? oh maybe my mother's little business--selling the clothes--are sold out 6 pieces today! great man. we get a big profit, but haven't close the budget yet, but i optimist it will, soon :) 

Thanks God for all the luckiness for your little daughter. the good girl get a good luck.hey, it means i am a good girl :D


dankoo said...

a few humble correction from me.. it's 'promote our event', not 'promotion our event' hehe

and.. IP in english is GPA.. xD

andd, sorry if you don't one the correction, just delete my comment lah~ :D

Aurelia Reina said...

gapape kok. itu kmrn g emang bingung kok promotion, mau g pikir baca ulang dulu buat liat ada yg salah ga, cm g males uda malem. mikirna nih hr j br cek ge..
eehh tau na uda ada yg baca. hakhakhak

Aurelia Reina said...

thx btw :D