Thursday, 9 October 2014

Abundantly blessed

Hello, long time to writee.. Many things had changed during the time I didn’t write. First at all, u should welcome a new writer for this blog, Reina Juwita, S.S. *drumrolling*

Yeah, finally I got my degree last August and proudly to say, I got the most outstanding title in my lifetime, Summa Cumlaude *cough*. Well, I’m not going to look arrogant, but I wanna say that this is one of the best achievement I’ve ever accomplished in my life. Hard work never betrays you, and I feel abundantly blessed, blessed and blessed. Moreover, I got the scholarship to China to studying master degree now, and yea, I already in China right now (this is my 5th week here), so nothing remains same anymore. My life has totally changed and that what I wanna share with u now.
Yea, I'm in China

Many things happen and nothing is eternal. The person that u think u would spent the whole life with will go away, maybe only in a particular time, maybe forever. Therefore I have a very favorite quote,
“Don’t promise me forever. Just love me day by day. No one knows the future. We’re young.”
Laugh a lot, love as much as, live every second of ur life
I’d never thought that I would go to another country to study abroad. I like to imagine a-novel-life-story about having study abroad, get a cute neighbor, and find a true love. Lol. But this is the real life *step back to the earth, sigh*. I will tell u a concise story and though of my mind..

Summa cumlaude. I’d never heard this word before. It was 2010, the first semester I stepped in Binus (my university), and I was with Rico in Megastore (a merchandise store in Anggrek campus) looked at a pin that written something about Summa Cumlaude. Then I asked him, “What is the meaning of this word?“. He told me, “It means the best graduated student”.

To be honest, I've never wished that I would get this title. But say the truth, it is NOT hard, but it’s not easy. Some people think I freak of good score, the only aim I wanna reach is the A score, but I’m not. I just luckily got the good score in several first semester, and it makes me think it is a must for me to get this score. Moreover my parents were starting to talk a lot about summa cumlaude and the golden ring (summa cumlaude student will get a golden ring on the graduation day, yeah it is so prestigious). Since that, I was starting to push myself to get this prestigious title. I feel so blessed and proud to gain the result of 4 years of hard works, stresses, tears, exhausted, etc. etc.
My thesis partner and I after passed the thesis defense awesomely, Lol
 "Don't judge people. You never know what kind of battle they are fighting."
Back to this time, I’m in Guangzhou right now, studying my master degree. I get a scholarship for this, but don’t ask me why I choose Guangzhou. I don’t know either and regret it sometime. But I believe everything happens for a reason, that’s why I’m in Guangzhou right now. I failed to move on from Shanghai. I'm always comparing Guangzhou and Shanghai, and regret why I don’t choose to study in Shanghai instead. But my new life has begun. I feel happy to have this chance. This will change my whole life..
Me and my classmate
My 22th years old was celebrated in Guangzhou
Guangzhou life
The thing I like the most of living here is the privacy. No one care and nosy with u. It is OKAY to walking by feet to everywhere (Indonesian people likes to drive car everywhere, even for the very near places). It is OKAY to eating alone in the canteen or restaurant. It is OKAY to study hard. Hahaha, do u think my last sentence is weird? Sadly to say, u must to admit that Indonesian people are lazy, and they are PROUD of being lazy, hahaha. We really need to study a lot from Chinese people. They have a speechless spirit of study. I can find almost all Chinese people are reading a different thick book (a lesson book, not novel or comic) every week, spend a lot of time in library, study for a several hours without any break, and they even have a make up class on Sunday! Their spirit of studying and working are really make me feel ashamed. :")
Me and Mom
The awesome night view from the balcony of my dorm

Night view of Guangzhou
And I just find out my introvert part here. There’s a time when I wanna to walk alone, having a meal alone, jogging alone. And it’s so interesting to do these activities alone and no one look at u with the strange or poor sight. Ya, I just noticed a weird character of Indonesian people, they can't to live alone. My Chinese lecture ever felt so weird when looking a group of Indonesian students go to the toilet together. He asked us, "Why u guys inviting people while going to toilet?" and one of my friend simply replied, "It's a habit of Indonesian", Lol. And it's really happen, because whenever my Indonesian friend see me go to somewhere by myself, they like to ask me curiously, "Why u go alone? Where is your other friends?"
New friends
At 大学城

At all, I feel abundantly blessed for these 2 months that changed my life so big. Guangzhou, let surprise me everyday and make me love u more that Shanghai did. :D
YOLO - You Only Live Once

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