Sunday, 18 January 2015

Nggak terasa uda masuk tahun 2015 aja, dan sekarang bahkan uda hari ke-18 dari tahun yang baru ini. Oh time, u really have no heart deh.. Cepet banget berlalunya. :(

Many things happened during the time I didn't write. Many happiness I haven't written down, many sadness I didn't share (coz I wondering to share it or leave it by myself). But today I wanna share some.. Happiness first.

1) I'm happy I can past this study aboard life smoothly so far, coz it was so damn hard for me at the first for leaving all people and stuffs in Jakarta. I was soaking for many times on a day by no reason for almost 3 months (?), simply because I feel sad and I wanna cry. Hahahha sounds stupid ya, but I'm really not that tough. I feel so hard to past these by myself. For being all alone in a strange place, speak an alien language, study and get a dozen of thesis to do, get a reality that almost all of my classmates are expert in Chinese and I need to compete with them for the next term scholarship, manage my own money and provide all the foods, drinks, soaps, shampoo, etc., etc. ALL.BY.MYSELF. Some people might think it's not a big deal, and call it as freedom. I did, but I still prefer to be all prepared and surrounded by people I love. But time flies, finally I used to be here, aleluyaa..

2) I feel so happy to have a chance to took a visit to my hometown for a week at November. I was attending my undergraduate graduation ceremony. So happy for having a really great friends around me, and feel so glad to 7see their proud face for me. I can't describe the feeling when my lecture text me, "Sorry for not being there, but I'm watching you *send some pictures of me*. So proud of you :)" (She was watching online on Binus TV), and get the confession from my close friends, how they proud of me :). Have I ever mentioned that I never imagined for being a summa cumlaude? But I finally did it. And to be honest, I don't know it would make my friends feel proud of me too (I thought only my family will do, hahah). But I'm sure Rico would. If he could to attend and congrats it to would be great..

3) Happy to get three achievements already so far during this master degree program.

4) Feel amazed that finally I do all the cleaning stuffs: cleaning my bedroom and bathroom all-by-myself-directly-by-my-two-hands. Astajimmm.. Sounds so exaggerated yea? But my brother will know how hard it for me. I really really feel yucky to contacting with 1 centimeter thick of dust, brushing the bathroom floor and also the closet. *Well, by typing this is also make my hairs all stand*

5) Feel blessed and amazed for having a chance to working as receptionist in a cafe here. Well, actually the job was almost same with the waitress, but has a bit differences. Maybe Indonesian counted it as waitress, but people here prefer to call it as receptionist.

And some sadness... It's 391 days already he leave us. No news, no sign. All of my chats never be read by him. I can't share my happiness, silliness, galauness to him anymore. The thought annoyed me right now will left for me to solve by myself. Well, I consult with my other bestfriend, but I want to hear his opinion though :(. How've been there bro?

Last but not least, here is today's quote:
"Love.. come for no reason. is something you can’t control. When you fall in love, you just fall. Love will let you to sacrificed all things. Things u like, your time, and even your own feeling. is the only beautiful yet amazing thing remains in this mortal world.

Never say something sweet to a woman if u don't really mean it. The words u say past by will eternally carved in women's heart. If you really love a girl, u won't do something to sorry her.. "

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