Saturday, 6 April 2013

never say something sweet if u never really mean it

Dear all of my readers..
Please u dont ever do this to everyone u met, especially your best friend. This is my real story, a tragic story that i've never told to public before.. I wont tell u the detail, but I will tell u the lesson: never say something if u dont really mean it. Whatever it is, please dont say anything sweet to someone if u NEVER mean it. 

U will never know how hurt it is. It's so hurt hurt hurt and i feel so sick because this hurt now. I was sobbing several times before, but mostly i just silent in my hurt. I think everybody must be so surprised to read a stupid post of mine on the early morning bcoz I never written something like this..

Let me tell u a quick story. I have a friend. We have already spent a lot of times and moment together. Some of our interests are same and suddenly we have already became a bestfriend. She has the other group of friends and me too. But i try to take her to my group, but she doesn't. She told me several times how bored she was with her group. She said the only friend who know her so well is only me. She even told her mom that im her bestfriend, can u see how sweet she is? And I feel so happy since I also already considering her become my bestfriend. And u know what she does later?

She can put a good mask on her face. She act so good and laugh together with her groups, and when she back to me, she said that she felt guilty coz she is the only one who didnt get their jokes. But every times she said it, I cant find the truth. I only can see that however she dont really like her group, but they have a good friendship and she treat them better than she does for me.

Times go on.. I dont mind with anything, i just know that she is and will always be my bestfriend and feel a bit sorry for her to know her bad position with her group. However honestly, I have already get a hurt by her attititude on the moment..

Times running and running.. I always hope she can change her attitude to me. I mean, dont complain about them and keep saying that i'm your best friend if ur action is not appropiate with ur words. And now, I get myself in a deep hurt. I cant hold this longer. Do whatever u want, friend. U will always my friend, but not bestfriend anymore. I know maybe im too melancholic and emotion when im typing now, but I really wish she can stop call me as her best friend start from now if she never really mean it. So guys, once again I tell ALL of u, pleaseee..NEVER say something SWEET, if u DONT really mean it. Coz it's hurt so much. Good nite :)

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