Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Years Eve Experience

Hi, as i promised before, i wanna share my new year's eve experience nowww.. A bit late, i know since i promise it will be posted on Saturday, but i had tried to write this post as soon as possible, and this post had been finished on Sunday, actually.. before an accident on my computer, it was error, and everything i had written was lost. ALL! And I rewrite it now.. Haha *sad laugh* And badly to said, I can't write it as good as before. U will lose your sense of writing if u had already wrote it with all of your heart and it was error and lost, right? *sigh*

So, my new year was bad and good at one time. Let me tell you all the detail. Hahaha..
My friend, Angely invited me to celebrated the end of year together with her boyfriend and also Mery. Angel really wish that she can watch the firecracker at Central Park. And as u know, if we watch the new year firecrackers, it means it will be started at 12 AM, and everybody had no idea how we got home safely at the very early morning. So I suggested to book a hotel. We tried to checked the cheapest, nearest, and most worthed hotel to stay for one night, but since it is new year, mostly the hotels are so expensive and full booked. Finally Angel suggested to go to cafe or somewhere..
Btw fyi, none of us drove car or something, so we all depending to public transportation. My mom and dad was told me to not join at first, but finally they gave up and let me join. hahaha..

Bad news, the firecrackers at CP held on January 1st, on 19.00; not on 00.00 (Angel read it from CP's website. But I still wondering how can they didn't play the firecrackers on the end of the year). So we decided to met at TA instead, wishing it won't be as crowded as CP. We met TA on about 5pm for having a dinner at Jala-jala. I met one of my lecture there. Hahaha..
Toni - Angely - Me - Mery
Then we decided to watched The Hobbit 3D. This movie was so long, about 3 hours, so it just ended on 1 AM which mean i missed the new year firecrackers!
Me and Mery

As we went out from the cinema, TA was already closed and the street was so quiet. No cars or taxi outside and honestly, i was starting be panic, however I tried to stay cool. Lol. Angel just thought wanna called taxi until suddenly there was Blue Bird came in (on the morning, 1 am, oh man) and we went to PIK.
Angel said that PIK has a lot of cafes and karaoke places and it opens for 24 hours, so we can spend the rest of day there. First, we planned to karaoke, but since it was new years eve, it was a bit expensive so we cancelled and preferred to playing cards on the cafe instead. It was my first time to stay outside on the very early morning, with no plan, no place to stay, no car. It was crazy, horrible, but fun at one time. We walked along PIK street to finding which cafe we would like to stay for the rest of the day. But mostly of the cafes have jedak-jeduk music, and many women were throwing up when they went out the cafe. Hahahaa.. But finally we found a good cafe that really attract me by its roof  (which more beautiful in the night by its lamp) and its decoration---I didn't take any picture of the cafe, so I take it on google :p. It was Callista Garden :D
Callista Garden outside

Callista Garden decoration
We were eating and playing cards there. We ordered a pan of ..... (i don't remember the menu's name), but it was cheese pizza and I ordered avocado juice as my drink as well. A heavy menu on the early morning XD

After spending about 2 hours at Callista Cafe, I though bad things had already end, but I was totally wrong! The bad things didn't end, but just starting there.. U know what, the cafe and karaoke aren't open for 24 hours! So we were struggling on the street at 4 am since everywhere are already closed. My mom and dad can kill me if they know this, but i sensor this part when i told them the story. Lol
So it was so desperate, we try to walk to somewhere but everywhere had already closed. And once again, nobody there. no car, the street was damnly quiet and honestly, i starting be panic and I really show my panic face this time. ahahahahaa..

Just skip to the last, finally we got a taxi (after walking a thousand miles, exaggerated of mine) and we went to Seven Eleven at PV wishing it would be open for 24 hours, and thanks God, Sevel save my life. We spend the rest of the day at sevel, playing cards and went home at 8am by Transjakarta. That was really freak but I really wish one day we can go there together again, by car and have a good planning, of course. hahahaa.

Here are some photos of us:

BEFORE --- still fresh

Look at Angel, she was really shining and happy that night, coz her BF was on her side :D

AFTER --- after walking so long, panic, and finally terdampar at Sevel. U can see, outside is dark.. (eh i dont know the darkness is come from the glass type or it's really reflected outside condition. Lol). But luckily, we still remember how to smile at the very tiring day. Hahahaa..
at sevel on the very early morning

Never do these freak things anymore in my whole life.. *finger crossed*

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