Thursday, 3 January 2013

Helloo, it is January 3rd lohh.. A bit late but let me say, "Happy New Yearrrrr!! Proudly present something fresh from oven: The Big 2013--Fabulous Me". Yap this is a sudden best idea of mine to make a theme for guiding me for the whole year ahead: Fabulous Me. I don't know what will I do for this year, I have already written some resolutions, not share here, and it isn't something 'big'. But whatever it is, whatever i will do, everything will be fabulous when I lend a hand. Hahahaa! (it's not a narsis or something u name it, but it more like a motivation for myself :D)

Oh ya, forget to mention, I really grateful that 2013 is coming, that means the prediction of "2012 is the end of the world" is totally wrong, thanks God. However I'm not feel 100% relieve. Some or many times I feel like earth is really in a bad condition. I just wish everybody finally get consciousness how important to heal it soon, since I see everybody still do some simple things that make earth be worse, such as: i'm not offending anybody here, but I try to say the truth. Many of my university friends who live in a boarding house usually pay a rent for a month that including unlimited water, electricity, etc.,etc. And since it is unlimited, they really don't care in using water, and the worst is electricity. They keep their AC in on condition however they know they will in outside till nite. And a dozen bad things that I'm sure u know what it is. And also when everybody still using plastic anywhere in any occasion. I take my Mom as an example. I don't know if she is a plastic fans or what, but she likes to take the plastic from the market however she knows she doesn't need it. And I'm the one who always complaining her to refuses plastic if she doesn't really need it. ckck.

I wanna share a strange phenomenon that happened on the last days on 2012. I forget the date, but it really a shocking event. So it was afternoon and the sky was so clear and sun was so bright. There was a little rain before but it had stopped, and as I said that the sky was already good. I was lying reading The Hunger Games and suddenly, there was a very big-very loud-very terrible-thunderbolt! The sound of thunderbolt is about 5-7 seconds, and I think this is the real "cetar membahana badai halilintar- YouNameIt" of Syahrini. I can feel my house a bit shaking and luckily, nothing happen to my house. You know, I was so afraid if the thunderbolt would ruin my house or something, Lol. I don't know how and why suddenly there was a big-very very loud of thunderbolt in the bright afternoon. But nothing happen, just a seconds of heart attack, luckily. And my Mom heard that one of my neighbor's house, his wall was broken by the thunderbolt. So I really please everybody can be "The Emissary of Global Warming". hahahhaa..

Oh ya Btw, I really wanna share my experience of how I celebrating my 31 December-1 January. But I think it will be fun if there are some photos. But since the photos are all in my friend's handphone and I will take it on Saturday, so keep tune until Saturday yaahh.. Babaaaaii :*

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