Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer Course in Shanghai part #1

Haii.. longg time no post yaa.. Actually i wrote something 2 months ago by my phone, but it was a stupid connection and all i wrote was all deleted. And my heart broke.. so I decide to write in on my computer instead. Hahaha..

Some of my friends maybe know that I was having a summer course in China. I was back to Indonesia about 1 week ago, so recently posts will talking about my experiences in there :)

I feel so happy to have the second chance to have a summer course in China with Jessica (again), and this time is longer and more fun. I have a chinese short course (6 credits) in Shanghai Normal University for 6 weeks, and I was join in the advance class [it was divided as 3 classes, beginner - intermediate - advance]. My class consist by 11 people: 6 Indonesian, 1 American, 3 Japanese, and 1 Korean.
Shanghai Normal University
My Class Member and the Teachers

The Chinese courses programme is quite good and I'm very very grateful I join in this courses. I found many friends over the world, improving my Chinese and English skill, and exploring Shanghai, of course :)
I have too much things to be shared and I'm thinking to divide it be several parts. For today's post, I will post the random general info. Hahaha.. This is some awesome view of my university..
The view from the balcony of my dorm
View of a Garden Beside of My Dorm

My class is held from Monday to Friday, from 8.30-11.00 and 11.30-12.00. I have the different teacher for each shift, and I love them both. They know how to teach university students, have a lot of creative way in teaching, and always have ideas to force us to elaborate our skills.

Shanghai Normal University itself have 2 areas. Each area has a lot of buildings. My dorm and class are located in the different areas. But it is so near. We just need to cross a big road, a very short bridge and arrive. I was spotted a beautiful colourful flowers everyday I cross the road. It is quite weird coz it is blooming every morning I went to class, and all shriveled when I walked back to my dorm, and will blooming again in the next morning. Hahaha..

The Colourful Flowers

The View from the Very Short Bridge to My Campus

Nan Da Lou (南大楼) - I study in this building
Shanghai Normal University
 And how I love the path in my school. It is wide, very clean, and I love the trees along the path.. U can see the first photo above and the photo below. I love to take a walk in the evening by myself since Jess is too lazy to accompany me to. Lol

The Path in My University
Beautiful tree

And one of the interesting things in my school, as the usual Chinese people, they like to have an evening dance. You can find a group of people are dancing, wherever. On the road, garden, etc. And there is a group of people who always dance in the back of my school. Usually when I walk to have a dinner in the back of my school, I will find them. The moment when I shoot this photo, they feel a little shy but they keep dancing. hahaha

And the other good things of course the food! I will post about the delicious yet very cheap foods, my lovely worldwide friends, and a dozen of great places to go in Shanghai soon.. Stay tune yaa :D

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