Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shanghai post #2

For the second post, I wanna share a little of my feeling about this summer course and also Shanghai. As I mentioned before, I feel so glad to be a part of this awesome course. I'm happy to know and have a great friends from other countries. I spend 6 weeks in Shanghai, since that, I feel so close with my new friends and feel so familiar with Shanghai. Fyi, this is my second time go to China, and I'm happy to have a chance visiting one of the best city in the world, Shanghai.

My friends are come from Korea, Spain, Indonesia, Africa, China itself, America, Italy, etc. Mostly I spend my time with my close friends from Spain, Korea and Indonesia.

Well, the first week I arrived in Shanghai made me a bit depress, because I had no friend. I join this summer course with a close friend of mine, Jessica and her sister, Maya. We went to several places, having breakfast-lunch-dinner only 3 of us on the first week. I talked to Jeng that this would be so bad if we keep traveling around only for 3 of us for the whole summer course. One the second week, there was a good moment when I was in lift and met with some friends from Africa and China. Then we also had a new friends from Korea and Spain. I will introduce them in the later post.. hahaha..

I love Shanghai, not only because it is one of the metropolitan city, but also coz it really leaves me a great memories. Shanghai has a good public transportation. I had never known how is the feeling to be in MRT before came to Shanghai. It is good. And I also love the bus there. I compare it with Indonesian public transportation, such as mikrolet, metro mini, kopaja, transjakarta, etc. It just soooo make me shy. Dirty, have no rule, messy, not safe, etc. And can't be denied, Shanghai is so much safer than my hometown. I love Indonesia so much, really. But I really wish Indonesia can be better in all aspect. You can see how clean, beautiful, and safe other country. How can Indonesia attract foreigner to come if the locals itself feel anxious everywhere, everytime, everyplace.. Hahhaa.. Somehow, I know Indonesia will be as good as other country, but dont know when.. Wish it will be asap. Goodluck!
The Public Bus
Great View of Shanghai
Sunset in Shanghai

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