Saturday, 23 June 2012

hellow yellow..
the other random post. Oh my, i had a sick yesterday, made me spent almost 14 hours for sleeping, and still felt so sleepy when woke up! Dont know what's wrong, but i never can success kill my headache by sleeping. It even be worse when i sleep, and only panadol that can kill that illness. however my bro say he always kill his headache just by sleeping. hmm.. Ok it means i just spend my day without study, that's make me so stress to know my friends were studying when i was sleeping. So i spend a day of studying until now.. =.=

I got a message from sanni yesterday, ya she cancel her plan to back to here this year coz her family will come there on christmas. It means i must waiting for a year again and cancel all my plans with her in this long long holiday.. It must be so boring since all of my friends are having their own trip in this holiday.. damn. 

Oh ya i just get something weird (again). Why girls like to pose with the strange pose---make a monyong2 style, or push their lips down, or a restrained smile, or something like what ya, i can't describe it.. Think like them look pretty with that pose uh? I just feel that they look prettier when they smile, a free smile certainly.. But the fact that all the pretty girl make their own uglier when they pose like that. Lol.. But seriously, i'm not offending them. They are have normal smile before and they are so pretty there, but nowadays like a trend, all of them smile on that way.. nyahahahha get urself be uglier is kind of stupid things since all girls wanna look prettier.. ok skip the crap. 

aaaahhh okelah i must stop this stupid post too since i still have lots of pages of module waiting to be read by me. Cih.. wish my gpa will be 4 on this semester, amen. bahai..

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