Monday, 7 March 2011

i've just watched 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' yesterday, after all the recommended from my friends. at first i really interest because the man on the film--Shone. wuahhh u can see that he's really handsome, kind, and so perfect. and also for the woman--Nam. yah actually i still confuse how Nam can be changed so quick and be really the new person. She suddenly becomes so beautiful, thin, and WHITE! Whereas at first she was really black and seem crumpled. hahahah

but the main poin in here, i really recommended this film to all of you guys, because it has a good message. if you love somebody, just make sure she/he knows your feeling. however i know u'll think to write down in here is really easy, but hey i know.. this is so damn difficult. but yeah this is the best thing u can do. don't be late to express it, cause it's really damn hurt. u can see, when either Nam or Shone never express their feeling, when Nam express, it's already too late. i've been crying during this scene:

gosh, if u wacth all the part of the film, i bet you must be really get heartsick. cause i really feel so sad and the tears sprang out my eyes nonstop. ==a
i don't know why i feel so hurt like that. hahahaa.. terlalu melankolis pas menontonkah, apa emang the movie is really touching. :p
yah at last intinya i love this movie. but gua lebih cinta sama Mario Maurer nyaa.. hualahh.. seriusan ganteng pisan. *melted,mupeng*

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