Sunday, 27 February 2011

i have no words to share
there's only a blank
 many times i ask myself
have i made a mistake?
but i never know the answer
think about something that i never understand
whole of my life time i have spent
and still, i can't get it
and my heart is scuffling
think whether i'm right or wrong
don't know when the end will come
i just know that i've missed the chance
and never get the second
so whatever the answer
everything is done
just be grateful that finally i know the feeling
although i hope i can get the second chance
to find up the answer
and begin from the start
but i don't know if it will be better or even worse
i lost the chance.. and i know that u won't give me the second chance
after all i've done for u..
and honestly, i'm afraid with the second chance
i afraid i will make u hurt again.. and at that moment
u'll never forgive me anymore..
and i know, it's too late
i will never have everything like before

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